With 10 years of experience in filming destination weddings, Iraklis has found his perfect balance in a way he approaches every single project. He is inspired by capturing moments “in-between”: happy tears of the bride while she is getting ready to see her future husband, giggling of a little flower girl secretly trying on bridal shoes, watering eyes of mother of the groom watching her son preparing for the ceremony. Iraklis is constantly observing what’s happing around him. His goal is to be discreet and not to interfere with a flow of events to allow sweet moments like these naturally take place in front of his camera.

Music is his second big passion, he finds ideas and inspiration from beautiful songs and loves how video footage and music can beautifully merge together creating a film that will take your breath away every time you will watch it. 



His personal “storyboard” consists of passion, professionalism and creativity.  Camera and drone being his hand’s extension, always capture the unique moments of every wedding, focus on the detail and showcase the best angles of the whole picture. Concentrated, practical and well prepared for each shooting (wedding, elopement, day-after, etc.) and with a cinematic approach, Dimitris tries to tell your story based on your preferences while putting on his personal touch and style and having always in mind the following saying: If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed (Stanley Kubrick)