Photographer: Vasilis

A Beach Wedding in Santorini Island

Their barefoot dreams at Golden Beach of California, happen to take place in a miniature heaven, on an Aegean island. Their wedding in Mykonos, could not link more attractively, the adoration for the sea, and the desire for a pinch of a cosmopolitan aura.Both places share the ethereal breeze of a sandy shore and the freedom of the heart emotions, which travel among the boundless endless blue.

A wedding in Mykonos, would clearly introduce an iconic unobstructed view, of the Aegean sea. There, at the idyllic spot of Cavo Tagoo, Joseph prepared to indulge in the new shared life with Tarryn. She harmonized her beach wedding dress, along with her bridesmaids, who were adorned in soft salmon pink gowns. It was the only moment that the young ones being present, could not steal the fair from the queen of the day.

Plain yet elegant, stylish and delicately impressive, the marriage rite arises on the sandy waterfront of the unparallel beauty of Mykonos, Alemagou beach. In sweet contrast with the white and blue lines of the Cycladic island, the flower bouquet, in red velvet chromatism, epitomized their long-lasting devotion and attachment, among that beach wedding venue. Tracked by a clean-cut gathering in the wedding venue of Alemagou bar, everyone was welcomed by white settlements with rose and green details, surrounded by a stoned rustic atmosphere. Swinging pearly candles, later, would accomplish their part as sky’s stars.

If they had happened to fall – the wishes would be sprinkled up by friends’ and family’s bliss. If the wishes could come true, they would experience those days many times again. Capturing a beach wedding in Mykonos, with a heartily angle above all, could be issued as a rather appealing undertaking. Therefore, sharing those moments with you, is such an honor and delight for a Wedding Photographer, in Mykonos.