Velvet Rose is a synergy of award-winning artists who specialize in boutique destination wedding photography. Based in Greece, with a bracing approach, and love for transcendent high-fashion and editorial imagery, they focus on providing services for a wide range of weddings.
From Mykonos, Santorini, Greece, Amalfi Coast & Tuscany, Paris & The South of France, to London, Russia, and The U.S., their work has taken them to some of the most beautiful destinations across the globe, all of them riveting and diverse as their brides and grooms. Whether shooting together or separately, capturing destination weddings, milestones, portraits, or grand cultivated events, the creatives of Velvet Rose present a signature, enduring style, a perfect balance of sophisticated, forthright portraiture, and fine art.
“We are committed to reflecting the essence of our couples and everything that is important to them. Our team recognizes that consistency, high-end products, and combined effort – no matter how prodigious an event is, provide a holistic experience wrapped in beauty, exemplary of their union.”
Receiving constant praise for their compelling creative vision, the works of Velvet Rose artists have been regularly featured on the pages of Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Grace Ormond, Conde Nast Brides, Green Wedding Shoes and 100 Layer Cake among other publications.
“With our promise to curate only a limited number of wedding collections annually, we will learn, grow and connect with you on every step of your journey, coddle you with guidance and personalization, and provide you with images that will last a lifetime”.  




Following a woven career in editorial and fine art wedding photography, Anna’s multicultural background makes it easy for her to connect with people. Direct, calm, purposeful, she brings her style to a wedding with courtesy and a relaxed manner. Her luminous, clean and modern photography spans from the art of celebrating texture and emotions through inspiring wedding editorial shoots to the creation of destination wedding collections for elegant couples who covet effortless quality and impeccable taste.
“I can almost feel the silence and calm of the moment in an image I am about to capture, a brief respite from all the stir a wedding day brings. To me the center of gravity is emotions. The feel of clean, natural light, the depth, the strength but also the gentleness of people’s presence. I listen to emotions with my camera, the way one puts their ear to the ground in order to pick up messages running along it. Such is the subject of my photography, the vitality of emotions”.

Thanos Asfis

Dapper, profuse and with a knack for bringing out the natural beauty of his brides and grooms, Thanos’ photography embraces each destination wedding as a remarkably unique narrative. His images merge elegance and creativity without going overboard and thread together a story where simplicity is key. His passion for pitch-perfect aesthetics and everything leading-edge, allows him to infuse his imagery with a timeless style that catches real special seconds, sounds, ambiance and movement.
“I love destination weddings because I get to be part of entire celebrations and become meshed in with people and their loved ones- this is where I get my most sterling shots. Focusing on the impact and meaning of the day, rather than the day itself, I seek the bigger picture that makes each moment palpable again”.

Vasilis Kouroupis

Vassilis’ naturally flowing imagery and easy going temperament, are some of the reasons he always manages to grow beautiful relationships and become his couples’ trusted companion throughout the experience of their weddings. His warm photographs not only capture but elicit sentiments. He is a keen observer of beauty at its finest, and when he is not catching a flight to document a destination wedding he searches for inspiration in classic flicks, city lights and the simple joys of life.
“Capturing the light within people I meet is my way of embracing the world and each small thing that makes life so incredible. I encourage my couples to brush all the “have to’s” aside, to enjoy their big day to the maximum, to live and to laugh, to be as vulnerable as they wish because most important are the feelings that a picture leaves you with”.