Make-up Artist Katerina Theocharis’ ultimate goal is to highlight natural characteristics.
Creating a flawless end result, she redefines the lining of each face and discretely enhances the vitality, the sensuality and the beauty each woman has.

The love for natural beauty and aesthetic quality, while using the best makeup products (MAC, YSL, Nars, Urban Decay, Dior, Paris Berlin etc.)
lead to a make-up that totally responds to each face’s morphology and character.

Katerina Theocharis’ skillful technique, her love for beauty and the respect she has for each woman that wants to feel and look gorgeous on her special day, really and truly make her the perfect choice for a bride that wants her dream to become reality.



Keeping everything Balanced on the Special Look of every unique lady, is the motivating power that causes the timeless Unique Beauty.

The multiannual experience in the Beauty industry in Fashion and in Wedding industry in Greece and abroad & the constant contact with clients from all over the world, have trained my capabilities to respond and cover all of your expectations for a sur-mesure timeless look.



Her passion for creativity leads her into the world of art. She studies Graphic Design and works as a graphics designer for 10 years. Make Up and Hair Styling enter her life as a new challenge. She studies at Freddy Make Up Stage tutored by Freddy Kalobratso & Zisimo Vakoleto.

Then follow 8 years of dedication and collaboration follow, with remarkable Photographers and Wedding Planners, through which she shares her love for bridal makeup and hairstyle.

Frantzeska’s creations are undoubtedly defined by elegance and high aesthetics. She amplifies natural beauty by enhancing your natural characteristics in order to achieve finesse and a timeless result. Her sole and only purpose for the special moments of your life is the most beautiful version of yourself.