Following a woven career in editorial and fine art wedding photography, Anna’s multicultural background makes it easy for her to connect with people. Direct, calm, purposeful, she brings her style to a wedding with courtesy and a relaxed manner. Her luminous, clean and modern photography spans from the art of celebrating texture and emotions through inspiring wedding editorial shoots to the creation of destination wedding collections for elegant couples who covet effortless quality and impeccable taste.
“I can almost feel the silence and calm of the moment in an image I am about to capture, a brief respite from all the stir a wedding day brings. To me the center of gravity is emotions. The feel of clean, natural light, the depth, the strength but also the gentleness of people’s presence. I listen to emotions with my camera, the way one puts their ear to the ground in order to pick up messages running along it. Such is the subject of my photography, the vitality of emotions”.